Turretin On The Fundamental Articles of Faith

But [the Reformed] all agree in these fundamental articles: the doctrines concerning the sacred Scriptures as inspired, being the only and perfect rule of faith; concerning the unity of God and the Trinity; concerning Christ, the death, concerning the law and its . . . Continue reading →

Discounted To $2.99: The Kindle Version Of Olevianus’ Exposition Of The Apostles’ Creed

An Exposition of the Apostles’ Creed

It is good to see evangelicals rediscovering the Great Christian Tradition, i.e., the broad stream of ecumenical (universal) Christian truth represented by the ecumenical creeds. The confessional Reformed churches, however, have always, from the beginning of the Reformation, been aware of and . . . Continue reading →

Why Does Theology Matter?

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Drawing the Line: Why Doctrine Matters

Imagine Mike. He’s an unusual mechanic. Where other mechanics find natural laws (such as gravity) unavoidable and even useful, he suspects them to be arbitrary, invoked in order to stifle his creativity. We can imagine how the story ends. Cars brought for . . . Continue reading →

R. B. Kuiper On The Two Books

God has seen fit to reveal Himself to man in two books—the Bible, the book of special revelation, and nature and history, the book of general revelation. Now it is the duty of the organized Church to teach men the content of . . . Continue reading →

Boston and Free Choice

First, some cautions. Believers should be very careful about attempting to interpret providence just as we should be careful about seeking to know his hidden will. The truth is, according to Jesus (Luke 13), we don’t know why God permits evil in the . . . Continue reading →