Heidelberg 92: What Is The Law Of God? (1)

God’s Word teaches us to have the highest, most reverent view of God’s law generally. The Psalmist declares “Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day” (v. 97; ESV). To be sure, in Psalm 119 the noun . . . Continue reading →

On The Necessity And Efficacy Of Good Works In Salvation (4)

In part 3 we concluded a survey of Turretin’s locus on good works. Now we turn our attention to Herman Witsius (1636–1708). Born in West Friesland, Herman’s father was a (ruling) elder and his maternal grandfather was a Reformed minister. He studied . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 51: Happy Thanksgiving From The Heidelcast


According to the Heidelberg Catechism there are three great heads of the Christian faith: guilt, grace, and gratitude. There may be other motivations to godliness but the catechism isn’t structured by them. It is structured by gratitude. Yet, there are those who . . . Continue reading →