What Reformation Day Really Is

Reformation Day as we know it is somewhat arbitrary. There’s little about the 95 Theses is that is distinctively Protestant. There are shadows and hints here and there in the 95 Theses of what would become Luther’s mature views, but for the . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Recovering the Reformation

Here is the audio (at sermonaudio.com) from the Recovering the Reformation conference held over Reformation Day weekend this fall at Springs Reformed Church (RPCNA) in beautiful Colorado Springs. Once again, I’m grateful to Pastor David Reese, to Shawn Stickel and everyone there . . . Continue reading →

The Author of the Belgic Confession on Justification

Wes Bredenhof is surveying Guido (Guy) de Bres’ 1555 reply to Rome, The Staff of the Christian Faith. This is an interesting document as it’s mostly a series of patristic quotations showing how the Reformation agreed with the early fathers—thereby subverting the . . . Continue reading →

What Richard John Neuhaus Means to Me

A number of evangelical and socially conservative blogs and publications are marking the death (not “passing” but that’s another post) yesterday of Richard John Neuhaus at age 72. It is not remarkable that social conservatives are weeping today. After a career as . . . Continue reading →

Witsius on Faith and Love

“The natural consequence of this assent, is the LOVE of the truth thus known and acknowledged. This is the third act of faith, and of this the Apostle speaks when he says; “They received not the love of the truth that they . . . Continue reading →

Yet It Alone Justifies

Since the 1970s the Norman Shepherd and his followers have argued that faith justifies because is it not alone. They reject the notion that sanctity is nothing but the fruit of justification. The funny thing is that Zacharias Ursinus, the primary author . . . Continue reading →

Trent, Sungenis, Shepherd, and the FV

Originally posted 10 Nov 2007 On the White Horse Inn for 3 November (2007) Mike Horton interviewed Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis and historian Mark Noll (Is the Reformation Over?). Just a few comments about the first half of the show.

The Heart of the Gospel (and Sola Scriptura Too)

The most recent WHI is (another) not-to-miss episode. Shane has conducted more NRB interviews. Some of them are what we’ve come to expect but some are surprising. You should hear them. Along the way the fellows made three terrific points. 1. The . . . Continue reading →

The Problem of Continuing Revelation and the Finality of Scripture

This week’s episode of the White Horse Inn is interesting and important because it deals with two closely related problems: the finality of the Scriptures as God’s Word and the claims to ongoing revelation made by modern neo-Pentecostalists and by the Roman . . . Continue reading →

The Social Crisis is Too Great to Be Arguing About… (Updated)

The various social crises facing the West are great but the Roman empire was already in crisis when God the Holy Spirit empowered Christ’s apostles to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. Rome fell. The gospel and Christ’s church continued. Another empire, Christendom, replaced the old Roman Empire but it fell too. The kingdom of God, as manifested chiefly in this world in the visible, institutional church, continued. Social crises are important but they aren’t more important than the gospel. Seeing that is a key difference between actually being Reformed and being just another social conservative with a passing interest in the Reformation (as it suits whatever social agenda is in view). Continue reading →

Maybe They Really Don’t Get It

Over the years of battling the moralists (Federal Visionists, Norman Shepherd et al) I’ve not always been certain whether the moralists understand the orthodox doctrine of justification and reject it or if they think they are really teaching it.  Here’s a post . . . Continue reading →

Audio Available Now: Is the Reformation Over?

The audio from the Central Valley Conference on Reformed Theology at Zion Reformed Church in Ripon, California is online now (below). Thanks to Pastors Kevin Efflandt and Angelo Contreras and to everyone at Zion for their hard work in preparing for the . . . Continue reading →

What Henk Navis Means to Me

Unlike Father Neuhaus, I guess few readers of this space will know who Henk Navis was, but he died today. Henk did not participate in any famous negotiations with anyone. He did not leave one communion for another. He wasn’t celebrated or . . . Continue reading →

Contra Leithart: No, The Reformation Isn’t Over

Before You Reject At Least Understand It

In a post on the First Things blog today, Peter Leithart declares the “End of Protestantism.” It’s not at all clear, however, that he understands what he wants to end. He begins with a sociological observation about contemporary English non-conformists and uses . . . Continue reading →

What Is True Faith? (7): Its Object

In the previous installment we considered the role of Scripture in faith. Now we turn to its object. I think they’ve largely gone away but a few years back team-building “trust exercises” were all the rage. The producers even got the Duck . . . Continue reading →