Who is N. T. Wright and Why Should I Care?

If you’re asking these questions then you need to hear the latest White Horse Inn program. It’s available online (free) or on CD (extended version) and, of course, on the radio. This is a balanced, intelligent, and critical survey of the range . . . Continue reading →

The Courage to Be Protestant

David Wells was the guest for the 5 October White Horse Inn. If you haven’t heard this interview you must. You should also ask your pastor and elders to listen to it. David has diagnosed very well what is happening to “evangelical” churches. The . . . Continue reading →

Re-Thinking Christ and Culture

There are a couple of recent competitors to Niebuhr’s classic, Christ and Culture. The WHI guys interviewed the Craig Carter, author of a recent book on this topic. It’s stimulating. Carter is right that Constantinianism (ancient and modern) is borne of an . . . Continue reading →

Trent, Sungenis, Shepherd, and the FV

Originally posted 10 Nov 2007 On the White Horse Inn for 3 November (2007) Mike Horton interviewed Roman Catholic apologist Robert Sungenis and historian Mark Noll (Is the Reformation Over?). Just a few comments about the first half of the show.

The Heart of the Gospel (and Sola Scriptura Too)

The most recent WHI is (another) not-to-miss episode. Shane has conducted more NRB interviews. Some of them are what we’ve come to expect but some are surprising. You should hear them. Along the way the fellows made three terrific points. 1. The . . . Continue reading →

More Audio: Myers and Willimon

Two excellent and stimulating interviews. First, of the last three episodes of the White Horse Inn, their analysis of the survey of the responses by 90+ attendees to a Christian rally in St Louis was most enlightening. 67% of the respondents disagreed . . . Continue reading →

To Reform or Leave?

At the Puritanboard Mike asks About six months ago I started listening to the Whitehorse Inn (and about 1 month ago Office Hours and reading this board). What I heard on Whitehorse made much more sense to me than what I heard . . . Continue reading →

The Problem of Continuing Revelation and the Finality of Scripture

This week’s episode of the White Horse Inn is interesting and important because it deals with two closely related problems: the finality of the Scriptures as God’s Word and the claims to ongoing revelation made by modern neo-Pentecostalists and by the Roman . . . Continue reading →