Audio: Recovering the Reformation

Here is the audio (at from the Recovering the Reformation conference held over Reformation Day weekend this fall at Springs Reformed Church (RPCNA) in beautiful Colorado Springs. Once again, I’m grateful to Pastor David Reese, to Shawn Stickel and everyone there . . . Continue reading →

Doctrine Without Scripture?

It appears that Mike Bird has offered some criticisms of our May 2004 faculty Statement on Justification. I reply below: Michael, I imagine that you are referring to the statement adopted by the faculty and board of Westminster Seminary California. A bit of . . . Continue reading →

Must Reformed Christians Be Cessationist?

UPDATE 6 June 2009. While working on another project today I stumbled across Garnet H. Milne, The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Cessation of Special Revelation: The Majority Viewpoint on Whether Extra-Biblical Prophecy is Still Possible (Milton Keynes, UK: Paternoster/Eugene OR: . . . Continue reading →

The Problem of Continuing Revelation and the Finality of Scripture

This week’s episode of the White Horse Inn is interesting and important because it deals with two closely related problems: the finality of the Scriptures as God’s Word and the claims to ongoing revelation made by modern neo-Pentecostalists and by the Roman . . . Continue reading →

Modern Reformation: Sola Scriptura Contra Rome and Enthusiasm

The latest issue of Modern Reformation is out. The focus is on sola Scriptura. They’re always good but it’s an excellent issue. This issue contains essays on the original Protestant understanding of sola Scriptura as distinct from the Anabaptist (and modern evangelical understanding) . . . Continue reading →

What We Can Learn From the Free Church About Conservatism and Sola Scriptura

The Free Church of Scotland, by a narrow margin, has voted to allow the introduction of musical instruments and non-inspired songs into its public worship services. As unfortunate as that decision is, if news accounts are to be believed, the grounds for . . . Continue reading →

Audio Available Now: Is the Reformation Over?

The audio from the Central Valley Conference on Reformed Theology at Zion Reformed Church in Ripon, California is online now (below). Thanks to Pastors Kevin Efflandt and Angelo Contreras and to everyone at Zion for their hard work in preparing for the . . . Continue reading →

Why the Focus on the Confessions?


One of the first questions ever sent to the HB was the question, “Why the focus on the Reformed confessions?” and the closely related question, “How do you relate your emphasis on the confessions to sola Scriptura?” Those are fair questions and . . . Continue reading →

All Heretics Quote Scripture

An HB Classic

One of the Ecks (there were two) is (or was it Bob Godfrey?) reputed to have said (I can’t find the reference), “All heretics quote Scripture.” If he said it, he meant it as rebuke to Luther’s appeal to Scripture. Of course, . . . Continue reading →

Calvin On Monasticism

14. Still there was nothing with the Fathers less intended than to establish that kind of perfection which was afterwards fabricated by cowled monks, in order to rear up a species of double Christianity. For as yet the sacreligious dogma was not . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 13: Why the Focus on the Confessions?

An HB Classic


Both Nancy and William Twisse (and the latter is particularly remarkable since, as the first prolocutor of the Westminster Assembly, he’s been dead for centuries) both wrote to the HB sometime back to ask how Reformed confessionalists relate the doctrine of sola . . . Continue reading →

Sola Scriptura And Public Worship

We believe that those Holy Scriptures fully contain the will of God, and whatsoever man ought to believe unto salvation is sufficiently taught therein. For since the whole manner of worship which God requires of us is written in them at large, . . . Continue reading →