Why the Focus on the Confessions?

One of the first questions ever sent to the HB was the question, “Why the focus on the Reformed confessions?” and the closely related question, “How do you relate your emphasis on the confessions to sola Scriptura?” Those are fair questions and I took a shot at answering them in this episode almost exactly three years ago. You can read more about these questions and more in Recovering the Reformed Confession.

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  1. I plan on listening, so maybe the answer to my following questions are in the recording. Are ministers and church members in general allowed to differ with confessional documents? If they are, how is the standard for the tolerance of diverse opinions determined? I would not be surprised if the answers to these questions differ from one NAPARC denomination to another, and maybe even within segments of a particular denomination.

    Also, how can the content within the confessions be accurately interpreted? I ask this because I have noticed some disagreements, which makes it seem that there is a lack of clarity in the confessions, at least in the present time; I have noticed this when it comes to things like creation and even justification, specifically with reference to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

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