Who or What Defines "Reformed?" (Updated)

In response to the post on Bob Godfrey’s Unexpected Journey, Arthur writes to ask, “So does someone who does not hold to every point of doctrine in the Reformed confessions be considered “Reformed”. More to the point, can a credobaptist not be . . . Continue reading →

Theonomy and Federal Vision: Separated at Birth?

The question comes concerning the relations between Theonomy and the Federal Vision. There is reason to think that there is some connection between the two movements. several well-known theonomists are also proponents of the FV. One of the FV leaders recently described . . . Continue reading →

The "Evangelical" QIRE

QIRC = Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience. Ben Myers hits the nail squarely. “Where every church service becomes the opportunity for a life-changing experience of the divine presence; where every song and sermon and prayer is designed to produce immediate emotional impact; where . . . Continue reading →

Abraham, Moses, and Baptism

I’m in the midst of an interesting discussion of baptism with a friend, who has Baptist convictions but who understands Reformed theology better than many Reformed folks. He is quite sympathetic to historic and confessional Reformed theology. For example, he affirms that . . . Continue reading →

Are Reformed "Evangelical" or "Evangelicals"?

Lee Irons raises the question of the relations between Reformed Christians and American evangelicals.  Much of this discussion comes down to definitions and I don’t recall that Lee offered a definition. In the immortal words of President Nixon, ” let me say . . . Continue reading →