The "Evangelical" QIRE

QIRC = Quest for Illegitimate Religious Experience. Ben Myers hits the nail squarely. “Where every church service becomes the opportunity for a life-changing experience of the divine presence; where every song and sermon and prayer is designed to produce immediate emotional impact; where . . . Continue reading →

The Problems with Paraphrases and Continuing Revelation

My interest here is not so much paraphrastic Bible translations. Though these may not be good for ecclesiastical use (e.g. worship) or close study, like a commentary a paraphrase can put light on a passage or otherwise edify. Rather, my concern here . . . Continue reading →

Sola Scriptura and the Limits of Special Revelation

Darryl has a great post at Old Life featuring a quote from Ken Myers on the limits of Scripture. A lot of non-confessional evangelicals and too many ostensibly confessional evangelicals misunderstand sola Scriptura.They think it means either that, if the Bible doesn’t . . . Continue reading →

The Addiction to Religious Euphoria

Mark Galli (HT: Alex Webster) has an interesting story in CT Online today about the power of religious euphoria. He likens the attraction to, indeed the addiction to euphoria to attraction and addiction to a drug. Galli writes: We disdain faith that . . . Continue reading →

It’s All About Eschatology (and History)

Collin Hansen has a stimulating post at the Gospel Coalition this morning (Pacific) lamenting the apparently declining desire for a “revival.” Collin’s post raises some very important questions. Why would one begin to doubt the desire for revival, which I have described . . . Continue reading →

Are Conservatives Preparing the Next Generation of Liberals?

Listen to the latest episode of the White Horse Inn on the sufficiency of Scripture. About half-way through, before the break, Kim Riddlebarger makes a great point about the connection between legalistic, conservative evangelicals, and what I call the Quest for Illegitimate . . . Continue reading →

Newman’s Unquiet Grave and Non-Confessional Evangelicals

After reading (devouring) Carl Trueman’s excellent book on historiography I took his advice and got (I had to drive to La Jolla during rush hour) and quite enjoyed John Cornwell’s, Newman’s Unquiet Grave: The Reluctant Saint. I knew the outlines of Newman’s . . . Continue reading →

Tabletalk: Divorcing Doctrine from Scripture

What follows is from the latest issue of Tabletalk, which contains a series of letters from “Legion” to his young assistant, the style of C. S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters. Dear Pithius, Our dear boy, you quite misunderstand the problem. So long as Christians . . . Continue reading →