The Custom Of God’s Churches: Head Coverings And Cultural Appropriateness (Part 2)

Sometimes passages take on a life of their own in church life or in church history, confronting us with perennial discussions about specific and difficult questions. Such is the case with 1 Corinthians 11:2–16, where Paul discussed the need for modesty and . . . Continue reading →

The Problems with Paraphrases and Continuing Revelation

My interest here is not so much paraphrastic Bible translations—though these may not be good for ecclesiastical use (e.g., worship) or close study, like a commentary, a paraphrase can put light on a passage or otherwise edify. My concern here is the . . . Continue reading →

Is All Of Life Worship?

Is all of life worship? That was the question set for Dr Clark at the Great Lakes Reformed Conference October 14, 2023. Audio RESOURCES Resources On The Rule Of Worship Subscribe To The Heidelblog! The Heidelblog Resource Page Heidelmedia Resources The Ecumenical . . . Continue reading →

Why Our Worship Leaders Emulate Mick Jagger

Of course, our culture has many problems, but it does not say good things about our churches that by failing to see any difference between serious and frivolous music they are also in danger of losing the ability to distinguish adolescence from . . . Continue reading →

Review: Reformation Worship: Liturgies From the Past For The Present Ed. B Jonathan Gibson and Mark Earngey

Unless you are a member of a congregation of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in North America (RPCNA, “the Covenanters”) or another similar denomination, in all probability the way your congregation worships today is not much like the way Reformed and Presbyterian congregations . . . Continue reading →

Saturday Psalm Series: Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Instruments in the Vulgate (Part 2)

The Latin Bible was a major formative influence on the way the Reformed theologians interpreted Scripture. The King James Version/Authorized Version (1611) particularly reflects the influence of the Latin Bible, but its influence reverberates in many English translations. It influenced their word . . . Continue reading →

Saturday Psalm Series: Psalms, Hymns, Spiritual Songs, and Instruments in the Vulgate (Part 1)

We Reformed folk like to think that what we do now in public worship is what we have always done. This is especially easy to do when we are cut off from or unaware of the original sources and practices of our . . . Continue reading →