Does “Sing To Him A New Song” Justify Praise Songs?

In response to the video of LCMS Pastor Chris Jackson reading the lyrics of a popular praise song one HB reader wrote to object to the implied criticism of the song. The argument is this: Scripture uses the expression “new song” nine . . . Continue reading →

Making Melody With Instruments Versus Making Melody In The Heart

The Ancient Christian church did not use musical instruments in public worship. They did not enter public worship in the West until the middle of the 8th century, i.e., well into the early medieval period. Further, that was one isolated instance, in . . . Continue reading →

One Important Difference Between The Reformed And Some Particular Baptists: God The Son Was In, With, And Under The Types And Shadows

In reading Particular Baptist sources from the classical period of Particular Baptist theology, piety, and practice and from modern proponents of that tradition I have become more deeply impressed with how superficial my understanding was and how great the differences are in . . . Continue reading →

What The Reformed Can Learn From A 1532 Synod: Preach Christ

God at all times has tied, as it were, the knowledge of Himself to certain suitable actions and signs, and these figures, shadows and types all point to Christ Jesus. Appearing in these last days, He has finished His course in the . . . Continue reading →