Using the HB Effectively

HB ResourceAt the top of any page on the HB is the welcome menu and when you hover over that you should see Heidelblog Resources. That will take you to a library of resources organized by topic. Also under the welcome menu you will find the archives menu, which contains both the categories and tags resources. When you mouse over the categories menu a few show up immediately but when you click on it you will see all the categories. Every HB post is categorized. Think of each of the categories as a library of posts on a particular topic.

There is also a search option on the top of every page in the HB. There is another powerful way to search the HB or any other site. Use this syntax: search term. In any Google search window you can search any domain for anything. If it’s there, as long as Google as crawled the site, if your search term is there it should show up.

The Heidelcast is the HB podcast.

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