Covenant Theology And Infant Baptism

As evangelical Christians continue to come into contact with historic Reformed writers and the Reformed confessions they often notice some significant discrepancies between what they have known and believed, what is being presented as “Reformed,” and what they are reading in older sources. Covenant theology and baptism are two of the focal points in such discussions. What readers are discovering is that there are competing covenant theologies and competing ways of understanding the history of redemption and of interpreting Scripture that both claim to be Reformed.

Below are some resources written to help readers to cross the bridge from modern evangelical theology, piety, and practice to classical, confessional Reformed theology, piety, and practice. My advice is to read these free, online resources in the order presented. The actual discussion of baptism comes toward the end last because one’s understanding of baptism is really the product of a number of other assumptions and conclusions that one has already drawn about the nature of the history of redemption and about how the Bible is to be read and interpreted.

  1. Why Does It Take So Long To Explain Infant Baptism?
  2. A Really Short Case For Infant Baptism (117 words)
  3. On the New Covenant
  4. Is There A Covenant Of Grace?
  5. What Is The Substance Of The Covenant Of Grace?
  6. Jude On the Continuity of the Covenant of Grace
  7. Did The Covenant Of Grace Begin In The New Covenant?
  8. Tracing the Paradigm Shift: Two Ways Of Being In The One Covenant of Grace
  9. Some Of The Differences Between Baptists And Reformed Theology On The New Covenant
  10. Three Ways Of Relating To One Covenant Of Grace
  11. Moses Was Not Abraham
  12. The Abrahamic Covenant Unifies Redemptive History
  13. What Is And Is Not New About The New Covenant
  14. Resources On The Role Of Abraham In Redemptive History
  15. Yes, The Reformed Churches Do Baptize On The Basis Of The Abrahamic Promise
  16. Video: The Abraham Paradigm
  17. What Do We Mean By Sacrament, Sign, and Seal?
  18. Abraham, Moses, and Circumcision
  19. Jesus: Baptism Is Death
  20. Circumcision And Baptism
  21. True Circumcision Was Always Spiritual
  22. Ishmael and Infant Baptism
  23. Baptism and the Benefits of Christ: The Double Mode of Communion
  24. Does Baptism Save?
  25. If We Baptize Infants Why Do We Not Also Commune Them?
  26. Untangling Webs of Assumptions About Baptism
  27. Does Romans 8:9–11 Require Believer’s Baptism?
  28. A Reformed Defense Of Infant Baptism
  29. Seed, Seeds, and Infant Baptism
  30. What’s the Use Of Infant Baptism?
  31. What About Matthew 19:13–15?
  32. Does Romans 8:9–11 Require Believer’s Baptism?
  33. Household Baptisms In Acts
  34. Is Infant baptism a Roman Catholic leftover?
  35. Does the Nicene Creed Teach Baptismal Regeneration?
  36. The Reformed Churches confess Infant Baptism
  37. Video: Why Baptize Infants
  38. Dunking, Sprinkling, Or Pouring (Or Does It Matter)?
  39. Further Reading on Covenant Theology
  40. What Advantage Has The Jew? Much In Every Way
  41. Deconversion And Covenant Theology
  42. Should We Talk About Breaking The Covenant Of Grace?
  43. For Whom Is Christ Mediating?
  44. Baptists And Federal Visionists Together?
  45. Engaging With 1689 (series)
  46. An Intramural Baptist Debate That Illumines The Profound Differences Between Baptist And Reformed Theology, Piety, And Practice
  47. Acts 2:39: What Is The Promise And To Whom Is It Made?
  48. There Is No Credo Baptist Heidelberg Catechism or Why Hercules Collins Was Not Reformed
  49. Engaging Confessional Baptists on Covenant Theology (Part 1): Typology
  50. Engaging Confessional Baptists on Covenant Theology (Part 2): Unity of Salvation in the Old and New Testaments
  51. The 1689  Compared and Contrasted With the WCF
  52. The Commander Of Yahweh’s Army: The Son And The Covenant Of Grace Present In The Types And Shadows
  53. Origen: The Early Church Received The Practice Of Infant Baptism From The Apostles
  54. Tertullian Acknowledged The Existence Of Infant Baptism
  55. Hippolytus (c. 215 AD): Baptize Infants
  56. Cyprian: Baptize Infants (253 AD)
  57. Cyprian Appealed To Colossians 2:11-12 In His Explanation Of Infant Baptism
  58. Augustine: Infant Baptism Is The Apostolic And Universal Practice Of The Church
  59. Calvin Addressed The Same Objections To Infant Baptism That We Hear Today
  60. Turretin Answers Objections To Infant Baptism (5)
  61. Another Particular Baptist Wrinkle: The Early Church Baptized Infants But For The Wrong Reasons
  62. Some Practical Consequences Of Reformed Covenant Theology
  63. Heidelminicast Q&A: Why Didn’t The Jerusalem Council (Acts 15) Tell Us To Baptize Babies?
  64. Featley: The Sweet Dipper
  65. Heidelcast Series: I Will Be A God To You And to Your Children
  66. Heidelcast Series: Chad Vegas On Covenant and Baptism
  67. Heidelminicast Q&A: Sacerdotalism, Baptism, and The Ancient of Days
  68. Heidelminicast Q&A: Christian Nationalism and Baptism
  69. Heidelminicast Q&A: On What Makes A Baptism Valid Or Invalid?
  70. Heidelminicast: Q&A On Baptismal Regeneration
  71. Heidelminicast: Why Liam Changed His Mind About Baptism
  72. Heidelminicast: Belgic Confession Art. 34—The Reformed Churches Confess The Baptism Of Believers And Their Children
  73. Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 69—How Does Baptism Signify That I Have Part In Christ’s One Sacrifice?
  74. Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 70—What Does It Mean To Be Washed With Christ’s Blood And Spirit?
  75. Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 71—Where Has Jesus Promised That Believers Are As Certainly Clean Before God As They Are Washed With Baptismal Water?
  76. Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 72—Does The Application Of Baptismal Water Regenerate And Cleanse Us?
  77. Heidelminicast: Heidelberg Catechism 73—Why Does The Holy Spirit Call Baptism The Washing Of Regeneration?


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