Resources For Those Beginning To Study Covenant Theology

For those just getting started in covenant theology I recommend:

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  1. Thank you for this list.

    As one who started in dispensationalism, moved to progressive dispensationalism, then spent a few years in no man’s land more based on ignorance of the exegetical arguments for Covenant Theology, Witsius was a godsend. I had always heard the attacks on CT especially the CoW and let them stand, because when I would talk to people about it who held to CT they would not (or could not) give an exegetical argument. It was Witsius’ exegetical arguments for the CoW that broke my last resistance.

    I look forward to reading your book on Caspar Olevian.

  2. Driscoll recommends Scott Hahn’s book on BT. Hmmmm; me thinks there are many better choices done by folks who believe in sola fide. Driscoll makes me scratch my head, which still has hair on it, BTW. 🙂

  3. Are you familiar with”Encountering Christ in the Covenants: An Introduction to Covenant Theology” By Daniel W. McManigal? (WSCal alumnus, with endorsements by two of your colleagues) Any idea how it compares to Sacred Bond?

    • Jason,

      It’s good you posted as it illustrates something I try to explain to students. There are lots of “covenant theologies.” That’s why we should be specific about what kind of covenant theology we’re discussing. I should probably put the word “Reformed” in the title to distinguish it from medieval or Franciscan or Federal Vision or even Baptist. The latter do have a covenant theology but it’s not ours. It similar but it’s distinct in important ways. We don’t see Abraham the same way. I doubt that we define the substance of the covenant the same way and we don’t understand the nature of the new covenant (and its relations to Moses and Abraham) in the same way.

    • Dr. Clark, I doubt the primary objective of the Confessing Baptist is “directing readers to investigate historic Reformed [paedobaptist] covenant theology”. Will the Heidelblog be directing readers to investigate historic particular baptist covenant theology? (Have you had opportunity to do so?)

      • Brandon,

        I only asked because he was posting links here directing readers to investigate Baptist views. I was asking if he was being as liberal as I am in allowing such links.

  4. FYI – Michael Horton’s _God of Promise_ has been republished by Zondervan as _Introducing Covenant Theology_.

  5. Dr. Clark, I saw the link you recently posted on the Puritanboard to your series on Baptists and the New Covenant, but it appears it was an older blog series and thus comments are closed – are you willing to entertain questions about it anywhere?

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