Re-Publication of the Covenant of Works (1)

I’m so committed to the doctrine of republication that I’m republishing a series of posts from the old HB from Jan ’07 beginning with this one. — As Mike Horton acknowledges in his recent work on covenant theology, one of the more . . . Continue reading →

Republication of the Covenant of Works (2)

re-post from May 07. Part 1 is here. — As a follow up to the post of 16 January of this year. We’re discussing the doctrine of the “republication” of the covenant of works at the Puritanboard. Kevin asked about a quotation . . . Continue reading →

Re-Publication of the Covenant of Works (3)

Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here. It may be that you do not read the comments section. That’s probably wise. Here are some revised and expanded responses to some questions/objections 1. The doctrine of the republication of the covenant of . . . Continue reading →

Flash: Reformed Writer Uses Two Kingdoms

I’m working an essay on the history of covenant theology for a collection edited by Herman Selderhuis to be published by Brill in 2009. I just ran across something that I should have noticed, thought about or remembered years ago but didn’t. . . . Continue reading →

Available Now: Caspar Olevian and the Substance of the Covenant

Thanks to Jay Collier at Joel Beeke and RHB for putting Caspar Olevian back into print.    “This volume is the most comprehensive treatment of Olevian’s theology published to date. Reflecting an impressive breadth of research and depth of analysis, it delivers . . . Continue reading →

On Replying to Moralists (Like Tom Wright)

Tom Wright is just making up stuff about the history of Reformed theology. He’s admitted that he doesn’t know much about the history of biblical exegesis beyond Calvin and one or two others. It’s pretty clear that he doesn’t know much about . . . Continue reading →