A Case for the Ordinary Means of Grace and the Marrow Controversy

Good stuff from the just past Twin Lakes Fellowship meeting. As part of his talk, Lig Duncan mentioned some resources to which this TLF blog post provides links. We need to know the Marrow Controversy and we need to understand it’s relevance . . . Continue reading →

God Cares How We Worship

Furthermore, Protestants are not concerned with the manner, or how, of worship, with the forms and circumstances of public praise, simply for their own sake, but for the sake of the object and aim of worship. In other words, Protestants understand that . . . Continue reading →

A Minister Not A Priest

This truth is deeply reflected in historic Reformed practices regarding the observance of the Lord’s Supper. For instance, the truth of Jesus’ sole mediation is one reason the Presbyterian ministers stand behind the communion table (and not in front of it) when . . . Continue reading →

An Ambiguity About “Historic” Worship

Using a word like historic in connection with worship can immediately raise defenses and lead to misunderstandings. When some folks hear “historic” they think: “Oh no, you want a boring formal service with no new songs” or “you are trying to impose . . . Continue reading →