A Case for the Ordinary Means of Grace and the Marrow Controversy

Good stuff from the just past Twin Lakes Fellowship meeting. As part of his talk, Lig Duncan mentioned some resources to which this TLF blog post provides links. We need to know the Marrow Controversy and we need to understand it’s relevance to a variety of issues today.

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  1. I’ve listened to a Sinclair Ferguson Marrow series many times. It’s quite good.

    • Joseph

      Go to SermonAudio.com, then search for Marrow Controversy, I think the same set of three talks/sermons is listed and posted twice.

  2. Those lectures Ligon mentioned (by Sinclair Ferguson) are outstanding. It was critical in helping me understand the difference between legalism and antinomianism and how they are actually rooted in the same sinful distortion of the proper use of Law and Gospel.

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