Luther: Christian, You Are Isaac

Therefore just as Isaac has the inheritance from his father solely on the basis of the promise and of his birth, without the Law or works, so we are born as heirs by Sarah, the free woman, that is, by the church. . . . Continue reading →

Featley: The Sweet Dipper (Part 4)

As noted previously, Featley’s volume, Καταβαπτιστοι καταπυστοι, which he politely translated as Dippers Dipt, was subtitled, The Anabaptists Duck’d and Plung’d over Head and Ears, at a Disputation at Southwark.1 This record of the event went through two editions in 1645 and I . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: There Are Two Ministers In Baptism

In Baptism, the external minister baptizes with an external element, that is water, which is received bodily. The internal minister, the Holy Spirit, baptizes with the blood of the spotless Lamb, so that he that is baptized is endowed with the whole . . . Continue reading →

Machen Saw And So Should We

J. Gresham Machen was certainly prescient about the havoc theological liberalism would wreak on the mainline churches in the 20th century. He also saw the rise of fascism and ethnonationalism in the 1920s and 1930s. We would do well to consider those . . . Continue reading →

Colquhoun On Natural Law

The natural law of God, or the law of nature, is that necessary and unchangeable rule of duty which is founded in the infinitely holy and righteous nature of God, to obey which all men, as the reasonable creatures of God, are . . . Continue reading →

Video: The Truth About Sexual Sin

Chris Gordon, Rev. Bill Boekestein, and Rev. Joel Dykstra discuss the Sexual Revolution’s explosive effect on society and the church, and pinpoint the one thing that didn’t happen that led to the end of Christendom. RESOURCES Resources On The Rule Of Worship . . . Continue reading →