Engaging With 1689 (3): Administration Or Intrusion?

I had intended to move on to consider the work of Nehemiah Coxe but life intervened. In the interim I was reminded of a document that I think might clarify some of the differences between what I am calling the PBs and . . . Continue reading →

Resources On The Role Of Abraham In Redemptive History

Moses Was Not Abraham Abraham Was Not Moses Abraham Was A Spiritual, Gracious Covenant The Abrahamic Covenant Unifies Redemptive History Luther: Christians Have The Same Faith As Abraham Abraham, Moses, and Circumcision We Are Abraham’s Children The New Covenant Is A Revision . . . Continue reading →

Thomas Cartwright Contra Lent

RHEMI. [ 1. Desert.] As John the Baptist, so our Saviour by going into the desert and there living in contemplation even among brute beasts, and subject to the assaults of the Devil for our sins, gives a warrant and example to . . . Continue reading →

Resources On Lent

William Whittaker Contra Lent Richard Sibbes Contra Lent Owen Contra Lent, Easter, And The Normative Principle Of Worship With The Reformed Pubcast On Lent And Sola Scriptura The Reformed Defense Of Christian Liberty In 1530 The Reformed Reject Lent In Basle In . . . Continue reading →

William Whittaker Contra Lent

“But you tell us, why we do so much avoid the Fathers.” I had rather you would tell us why you do so carefully avoid the Scriptures. “For” (say you) “they that cannot away with set times of Fasting, must needs be . . . Continue reading →

Richard Sibbes Contra Lent

Some make a mockery of the holy things of God. One part of the year they will be holy; a rotten, foolish affection of people that are popish. In Lent they will use a little austerity, oh! they will please God wondrously! . . . Continue reading →