If Believers Are Playing Instruments In Heaven, Why May We Not? (1)

Whenever a defense is advanced for something like the historic Reformed understanding of the rule of worship one of the objections that regularly arises is this: if musical instruments are being used in Scripture, we may we not use them now in . . . Continue reading →

A New Confessional Presbyterian Congregation Emerges In Frankfurt, Germany

By Jiwon Park (M.Div., Westminster Seminary California) Frankfurt Presbyterian Church Missionaries who never lived in the neighborhood with the people they are trying to reach, often fail to understand their needs. That´s why we decided to move right into the city of . . . Continue reading →

Pastor: A Plea For The Gospel

The gospel really does become again a strange announcement, totally unexpected to fallen ears—especially when sermons are caught between “evangelical” encouragement and culture wars bellicosity. Anonymous, 2017.

Not A Question Of Taste But Of Principle

Mark Tooley, of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, weighs in on the June 25 patriotic worship service held by First Baptist Church in Dallas. First Baptist is the home of Robert Jeffress, whom you might know from his frequent appearances on . . . Continue reading →

Herman Hoeksema On The Twofold Kingdom

Hoeksema insisted that the Christian church, “as the manifestation of Christ’s body on earth, is universal in character; hence the church as an institution could not raise the American flag nor sing the national hymns.” The flag could be flown in the . . . Continue reading →

Senator Sanders And The Twofold Kingdom

In early June (2017) Russell Vought appeared before a committee of the United States Senate as the president’s nominee to serve as the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). During the hearing, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) questioned Vought . . . Continue reading →