An Overture To Assist The Accused

An overture to the 51st General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America would expand the pool of representatives for those accused by church courts and bring the PCA’s practice more in line with that of her conservative presbyterian sister denominations. Church . . . Continue reading →

Abraham Was Not Moses

Several years ago, I had the privilege of contributing an article to 9Marks. The point of my post there (and here) was not to argue the specifics of the paedobaptist (infant baptizing) case, but nevertheless, in response to that contribution, a correspondent . . . Continue reading →

As It Was In The Days Of Noah (29): 2 Peter 1:12–15

Peter knew that his pilgrimage was coming to a close. He says so in verse 14 in our passage: “I know that the removal (ἀπόθεσις) of my tent (σκηνώματός) is soon.” Continue reading →

How We Got Here: The Roots Of The Current Controversy Over Justification

Presently there is open disagreement within Reformed and Presbyterian churches over the most basic elements of the doctrine of justification. Some are arguing (implicitly and explicitly) that the doctrine of justification contained in the Reformed confessions and catechisms (i.e., symbols) is either inadequate or incorrect. Continue reading →

We Are Free To Obey

One of the most important aspects of the Christian life I learned about in seminary has to do with our freedom in Christ to love and obey God. I’m always thankful to my professor R. Scott Clark for emphasizing the following point, and it’s . . . Continue reading →