The Custom Of God’s Churches: Head Coverings And Cultural Appropriateness (Part 4)

This series has explored 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 to think through a perennial question about head coverings. Does the apostle’s teaching in this passage mandate that women everywhere and always must cover their heads in public worship—specifically that they must wear an additional . . . Continue reading →

The Custom Of God’s Churches: Head Coverings And Cultural Appropriateness (Part 3)

This series explores Paul’s teaching in 1 Corinthians 11:2–16 in the hope of providing some clarity on the perennial question of whether women are required to wear head coverings in public worship. The issue basically circles around whether Paul’s instructions about head . . . Continue reading →

The Custom Of God’s Churches: Head Coverings And Cultural Appropriateness (Part 2)

Sometimes passages take on a life of their own in church life or in church history, confronting us with perennial discussions about specific and difficult questions. Such is the case with 1 Corinthians 11:2–16, where Paul discussed the need for modesty and . . . Continue reading →

Serious Wisdom From Steve Baugh

How does a modern wife submit while retaining her God-given integrity as a fellow heir of life and fellow citizen with the saints? I think Paul answers that in 5:15: She submits with wisdom and careful reflection on biblical truths that bear . . . Continue reading →

Sobre el papel de la mujer en la Iglesia

Entre el patriarcalismo y el igualitarismo

La ordenación de las mujeres, y, de forma más general, la participación de éstas en la iglesia, es un tema moderno que continúa produciendo numerosos libros, artículos e incluso apoyando sociedades. Lo peor que podemos hacer en las comunidades reformadas es ignorarlo . . . Continue reading →

Rescuing Complementarianism

Those who study these things (e.g., historians, sociologists) write of three “waves” of feminism. First-wave feminism accounts for the women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Second-wave feminism is associated with the legalization of birth control (Griswold v . . . Continue reading →

On The Role Of Women In The Church

Between Patriarchalism And Egalitarianism

The issue of women’s ordination, and more generally women’s involvement in the church, is a modern issue which continues to generate numerous books, articles, and even supporting societies. The worst thing we in Reformed communions can do is ignore the issue simply . . . Continue reading →

Of Dominoes And Pulpits

In 1996 the first woman pastor was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church. The issue of women in ecclesiastical office had already been an issue in the CRC for over twenty years. A minority report at the 1984 Synod called into question . . . Continue reading →

What Submission Is Not

The Lord is raising up a veritable army of holy women holding men accountable for abuse in the home, church, and society. Women such as Rachel Denhollander, Jennifer Greenberg, Diane Langberg, Naghmeh Panahi, and Julie Roys are telling their stories and/or those . . . Continue reading →