Driscoll: Same Song, Second Stanza

But despite Driscoll’s early assurances to change, many of the same leadership traits that led to the problems at Mars Hill have carried on at the new church, according to former Trinity staff members and church attendees. . . . For several . . . Continue reading →

The Most Powerful Book On Sexual Abuse

Rachael DenHollander’s What is a Girl Worth? is the most powerful book on sexual abuse I’ve ever read. Her “story of breaking the silence and exposing the truth about Larry Nassar and USA Gymnastics” is well-known. What I didn’t know is that . . . Continue reading →

The Church Growth Ethos, Presbyterians, & Narcissism

An increasing number of pastors in the PCA are either resigning or being fired due to their narcissistic abuses undermining their ministry, which is truly disheartening. However, the more significant issue lies in the job advertisements for pastors, which often attract narcissistic . . . Continue reading →

Stankorb Understands Wilson

This November, Wilson’s month of antagonistic blog posts (usually printed later as anthologies sold for $6.95) did not evoke his anticipated fear and trembling. For Wilson watchers and critics, some days online it felt like Wilson’s annual firestorm might have finally reached . . . Continue reading →

DeYoung On The Attraction Of Wilson

I’m convinced the appeal of Moscow is visceral more than intellectual. That’s not meant to be a knock on the smart people in Moscow or attracted to Moscow. It is to say, however, that people are not mainly moving to Idaho because . . . Continue reading →

Bredenhof On Wilson: Mark And Avoid

I’m a Canadian living in Australia. I really don’t understand how difficult it should be to just categorically condemn American slavery as evil and move on. Why all the waffling? But in the United States there’s this phenomenon known as Neo-confederacy. It’s . . . Continue reading →

Bredenhof: Reasons Why Wilson Should Not Be Regarded As Reliable

…Wilson presents his [theonomic] position as something distinct from theonomists like Greg Bahnsen. However, as an OPC minister, Greg Bahnsen affirmed the Westminster Confession too.  He too affirmed what the Westminster Confession says about “general equity.” He was a “Westminster theonomist.” What . . . Continue reading →

Dear Abusive Men In The Church

Dear abusive men in the church, I so often feel like berating you, but in what follows I actually want to give you a compliment of sorts.  You are succeeding in changing hearts and minds about a key issue facing the church . . . Continue reading →

10 Ways Churches Should Respond To Sexual Abuse

After a few decades of publicity surrounding the issue of sexual abuse in the broader culture, one might think that churches have developed better ways of handling it.  However, there are regularly reports that indicate otherwise.  Especially churches without a Safe Church . . . Continue reading →

With Presbygirls On Abuse In The Church

Dr Clark joined the Presbygirls podcast (part of the Presbycast media empire) with Sarah Morris, Sean Morris, and Josh Squires this week to discuss how the church should and should not address abuse. Here is the video version: RESOURCES Subscribe To The . . . Continue reading →

A Faithful Elder Stands Up For The Sheep

Last year, Hohn Cho concluded Grace Community Church had made a mistake. The elders had publicly disciplined a woman for refusing to take back her husband. As it turned out, the woman’s fears proved true, and her husband went to prison for child . . . Continue reading →

Review: Bully Pulpit: Confronting the Problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church by Michael J. Kruger

Michael Kruger has written a gem of a book, addressing one of the most prominent issues troubling the church today. Increasingly, we are faced with stories about pastors who misuse their position of authority to achieve their own selfish ends to the . . . Continue reading →

What Happens When A Bloke Looks At The Facts About Wilson

Language Warning: He Quotes Wilson

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