(Reformed) Christianity and (Quasi-Reformed) Revisionism

In his brilliant work, Christianity and Liberalism (1923), J. Gresham Machen called for the “liberals” (many of whom could just as aptly be called broad evangelicals) to be honest about their views and to leave the Presbyterian Church. Thirteen years later, it . . . Continue reading →

A Gentle Rebuke to Brother John (Updated)

UPDATE 12 October 2009 The remarks that follow highlight areas of significant disagreement so let me preface my remarks thus: I am thankful for the good work that John Piper has done. I’m most thankful for his clear and strong stand in . . . Continue reading →

The FV Making Inroads in E. Europe?

One of our graduates, a Reformed pastor and church planter in the Mediterranean region, pointed me today to a troubling blog. The Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC) is planting congregations in Europe, exporting the FV to Europe, and attempting to recruit . . . Continue reading →

Speaking a Foreign Language

In response to another post, Daniel F., one of Doug Wilson’s more ardent defenders, asked me to listen to a clip from a sermon which is supposed to demonstrate Wilson’s pristine evangelical, Protestant, Reformational orthodoxy on justification. What follows is a lightly . . . Continue reading →

It Takes One to Know One

Wes White is a penitent ex-federal visionary. He’s engaged in a serious struggle in his PCA presbytery with Federal Visionists and they’ve pulled out all the stops to try to shut him up by complaining in the courts of the church against . . . Continue reading →

Keister: Doug Wilson Denies Sola Fide

A good lot of so-called “conservative” (what are they conserving?) Reformed types have told me, “Yes, Wilson has some weird views but he’s different from the other Federal Visionists.” Really? Rhetorically perhaps, but substantially? Lane Keister, who has been sitting in with . . . Continue reading →

A Response To Rachel Held Evans Regarding Wilson And The Definition Of “Reformed”

Jonathan Merritt published a critique of Doug Wilson this morning on his Religion News Service. For younger readers, who might not remember the Federal Vision (FV) controversy, Wilson is the leader of the de facto denominational home of the FV, the Communion of . . . Continue reading →

For Elders Thinking Of Inviting Arminius Into Their Pulpit

From the time he entered the pastoral ministry, James Arminius (c. 1559–1609) was a controversial figure but he was also a minister in good standing in the Reformed Churches. Despite the intense controversy that his views and teaching generated, views that fractured . . . Continue reading →

ARP: The FV Is Unacceptable

The “New Perspective on Paul,” and the “Federal Vision,” are in conflict with the teaching of Scripture and as such they are unacceptable. The Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (2009) RESOURCES Subscribe To The Heidelblog! The Heidelblog Resource Page Heidelmedia . . . Continue reading →

A Little Leaven Infects The Whole Thing

The danger that I see in this is that many people who do not share Doug Wilson’s views on theology, history, slavery, patriarchy, marriage, sex, etc. may be allowing him to teach his views to their children without being aware of it. . . . Continue reading →

It Can Be Difficult But We Need To Open Our Eyes And Pay Attention To The Facts

I am not going to quote this article on the Heidelblog because some of the language in it is not fit for a family publication.

Wolfish Benefits

I finished The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill last week (I know, I’m behind on the times, please bear with me), and the reformed world is currently re-embroiled in staving off Federal Vision for a second time, as Doug Wilson is experiencing a . . . Continue reading →