For Elders Thinking Of Inviting Arminius Into Their Pulpit

From the time he entered the pastoral ministry, James Arminius (c. 1559–1609) was a controversial figure but he was also a minister in good standing in the Reformed Churches. Despite the intense controversy that his views and teaching generated, views that fractured . . . Continue reading →

On Precisionism and Latitudinarianism (Again)

In 1520 Martin Luther published one of his most influential treatises, On the Babylonian Captivity of the Church. in it he attempted to set the church free from bondage to human opinion by unleashing again, as it were, God’s Word as the . . . Continue reading →

On Defining Conservatives, Liberals, Latitudinarians, and Good Behavior

Pastor (Teaching Elder) Brian Carpenter has an update about the FV controversy in the Siouxlands Presbytery (PCA).  In two PCA presbyteries men are doing the hard work that needs to be done for the sake of the peace and purity of the . . . Continue reading →

In John’s Latitudinarian Garage

I don’t know what’s in your garage, but from time to time mine has become pretty cluttered and stuff has to be pitched. What we keep and what we pitch says something about us. People have theological garages too, in which they . . . Continue reading →

The Narcissism of Evangelical Latitudinarianism

Preface This essay was written before I published Recovering the Reformed Confession (2008), which, remarkably and quite unexpectedly, remains in print. In it I interacted with a book review published in Christianity Today which serves as a symbol of the way Pietists and . . . Continue reading →