In John’s Latitudinarian Garage

I don’t know what’s in your garage, but from time to time mine has become pretty cluttered and stuff has to be pitched. What we keep and what we pitch says something about us. People have theological garages too, in which they . . . Continue reading →

To Reform or Leave?

At the Puritanboard Mike asks About six months ago I started listening to the Whitehorse Inn (and about 1 month ago Office Hours and reading this board). What I heard on Whitehorse made much more sense to me than what I heard . . . Continue reading →

Keith Getty’s Critique Of Contemporary Worship Music Is A Step In The Right Direction

In 2008, Mike Horton called attention to the phenomenon of a radically subjective turn in American evangelicalism, in Christless Christianity. Unfortunately, a single book diagnosing the deep sickness of American evangelical Christianity was not enough to turn the tide. In that volume . . . Continue reading →