Christless Christianity

In their current series, the WHI guys (Mike, Rod, Kim, and Ken) are doing a brilliant job dissecting the various pseudo-Christianities. The last two programs have been on “The Gospel According to Barnes and Noble.” At root what’s being marketed whether via Osteen, Oprah, Thomas Merton, or Sister Angelica is gnosticism and moralism. One of the great gifts given to the Reformed churches in the early 20th century was the renewal of the biblical doctrine of antithesis between Christianity and unbelief. This was at the heart of Machen’s critique of liberalism and at the basis of CVT’s apologetic.

This isn’t about the moral superiority of the Reformed over other traditions but about the difference between law and gospel, between belief and unbelief, between heaven and hell. This is a great expose of what your friends, co-workers, and neighbors are reading. If you want to know what they’re thinking and reading; if you want to talk with them about Christ, you need to hear this series.

UPDATE: I listened to these in reverse order. Part 1 of this series features a terrific interview with Richard Bauckham. Great stuff!

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  1. The May/June 2008 issue of Modern Reformation is entitled “The New Spiritualities” with articles by Peter Jones, Philip Lee, Mark Pierson, and Mike Horton (of course). This looks to be a great issue that will help true Christians face this Gnostic/pagan stream of “Christless Christianity.” The issue was just printed so look for it soon!

    Note: the articles by Horton and Lee are available in their entirety on the MR site (used as resources for the 4/13/08 WHI program).

  2. Yes, the last two weeks have been must listening. I didn’t realize how deep these latest versions of gnosticism went until I found out some members of my own church had signed up to take the Oprah “A New Earth” class. These are folks that confess belief in orthodox Christianity on Sunday and even attend mid-week Bible studies, yet are attracted to heresy.

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