Of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Rome

(revised and re-posted from 7 May ’07. This post was occasioned by the announcement of the conversion of the now former president of ETS, Francis Beckwith, to Rome). § Mr White, Mr Black, and Mr Gray Cornelius Van Til used to write . . . Continue reading →

And Number 39, Graham Kendrick

Quentin Letts, columnist for the UK’s Daily Mail, has published a list of 50 People Who Ruined Britain. (HT: Nick Mackison). ___ Happy-cr*ppy hymns are a pestilence. They demean adult worship, dragging it to a level even lower than that of Mrs . . . Continue reading →

The Courage to Be Protestant

David Wells was the guest for the 5 October White Horse Inn. If you haven’t heard this interview you must. You should also ask your pastor and elders to listen to it. David has diagnosed very well what is happening to “evangelical” churches. The . . . Continue reading →

Jesus Didn't Die for Campus Ministry

Provocative language that can’t be blamed on cold-hearted Reformed confessionalists since Russell Moore is a Baptist with impeccable evangelical credentials. He says in part,  The reason many college students identify primarily with a campus ministry rather than with a church is not . . . Continue reading →

Why (Some) Reformed People Are Such Jerks

The Oxford American Dictionary gives this informal usage of the noun jerk: a contemptibly obnoxious person § About as soon as I left my evangelical (Southern Baptist) congregation and started associating with Reformed folk, I began to hear this question. I remember taking someone . . . Continue reading →

Wearing Crosses or Bearing Them?

In my past life, battling through the highway throng on the ‘5’ out of Escondido, I used to stare in amazement at the gas guzzling Christian four by fours thundering past my little Volkswagen. As I tried to prevent myself from being . . . Continue reading →

With NoCo Radio On Reformation And Christ’s Active Obedience

Back in 2015 Mike Abendroth and I got together to discuss the importance of the Reformation, how it applies to Evangelicals, the imputation of active obedience and more. Lord permitting I am to be speaking at Bethlehem Bible Church this week, Friday and . . . Continue reading →

Parachurch or Pastoring (Part 2)

Previously began a discussion about parachurch ministries in relation to the church. The point was to raise a concern about how, frequently, parachurch ministries implicitly, if (perhaps) unintentionally, try to usurp the visible, institutional church’s primary role in God’s plan to save . . . Continue reading →

Of Catholics, Evangelicals, and Rome

Mr. White, Mr. Black, and Mr. Gray Cornelius Van Til used to write about Mr. White (the confessionally Reformed fellow), Mr. Black (the Roman Catholic fellow), and Mr. Gray (or Grey, the Arminian fellow). His point was that, on some issues, the . . . Continue reading →