What Would Calvin Say?

Recently a prominent evangelical (Bible church) pastor suggested that were Calvin alive today he would be premillennial and that true “Calvinists” should be (pre-trib, dispensational) premillennialists. Those of us who actually read Calvin and historic Calvinist theology and who are confessing ministers . . . Continue reading →

New in Print: Calvin's Doctrine of Predestination

J. I. Packer says of this volume, “For making Calvin known today as well as once he was, and in every age deserves to be, this really is a major step forward.” This volume features commentary on every section of the Institutes . . . Continue reading →

Study Melanchthon and Calvin Electronically

From Herman Selderhuis: After the successful publication and enthusiastic reception of the Calvini Opera Database in 2006, now the Institute for Reformation Research (IR) at Apeldoorn (The Netherlands), in co-operation with the Melanchthonhaus in Bretten (Germany), publishes the complete works of the . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Calvin, Geneva, and Psalmody

An interesting joint talk/lecture by Karin Maag and Paul Fields at the Meeter Center (Calvin Theological Seminary and Calvin College) on Calvin, the Psalms, and the Reformation of worship in Geneva.

Calvin on Romans 2:13

For the hearers of the law,” etc. This anticipates an objection which the Jews might have adduced. As they had heard that the law was the rule of righteousness, (Deuteronomy 4:1) they gloried in the mere knowledge of it: to obviate this . . . Continue reading →

Zwingli and the Reformed Confessions on the Supper

The question came up on the PB whether Zwingli gets a bum rap on the Supper. It’s true that Zwingli has on the receiving end of the stick. This has provoked a reaction, led most recently by W. P. (Peter) Stephens in . . . Continue reading →