Audio: Calvin, Geneva, and Psalmody

An interesting joint talk/lecture by Karin Maag and Paul Fields at the Meeter Center (Calvin Theological Seminary and Calvin College) on Calvin, the Psalms, and the Reformation of worship in Geneva.

Of Calvin and Genevan Dogs

With no reference to our gracious Genevese hosts for the last 8 days I thought it would be fun to bring my experience of the 2009 Calvinpalooza to a close with a few more mundane observations. You know, of course, that Calvin . . . Continue reading →

Why Did the Geneva Consistory Insist on Biblical Names at Baptism?

Matt Tuininga, a friend and former student, has an interesting post at Christian in America in which he tells about the conflict between the consistory and some of the people in Geneva over the question of how the people should name their children. . . . Continue reading →

On Traveling From Münster To Geneva

In 1535 the Reformation was about 14 years old. The Protestants had gained some legal status within the Empire but its existence was by no means secure. Internally it was wracked with dissension over the moral and theological implications of the doctrine . . . Continue reading →

The Effects Of Reformation In Geneva

Daily religious life changed in significant ways in the first years following Geneva’s Reformation. The city churches—which the French reformers called temples—were reduced in number of rom seven to three, and the outlying parishes consolidated. A company of around fifteen Protestant pastors . . . Continue reading →

The Reformation Of Worship In Geneva

The reformers did not hold back in their assault on the physical and sensory elements of traditional worship: all sacred objects such as crucifixes, statues of saints, and holy relics were removed from the temples.1 Most were systematically destroyed; a few were . . . Continue reading →

Scott Manetsch On Calvin In His Context And Ours

Scott Manetsch is on campus this week through the kind offices of the Westminster Seminary California student association. He gave a convocation lecture this morning on Reforming ministry in Geneva and will conclude tomorrow. He also sat for an Office Hours interview . . . Continue reading →