Out Now: Sober, Strict, and Scriptural (Updated)

The Calvinpalooza continues for 2009. Sober, Strict, and Scriptural: Collective Memories of John Calvin, 1800–2000 is a collection of essays considering how Calvin’s life, theology, and legacy were received in the modern period. Contributors include, in alphabetical order, R. Bryan Bademan, Patrick Cabanel, R. Scott . . . Continue reading →

Two New Calvin Titles at WSC Books (UPDATED)

Just picked up my copy of Elsie Anne McKee’s translation of the 1541 French edition of the Institutes. The WSC bookstore has it for $29.50 (& shipping). Click on the links or icons to order. I’m also excited about Machiel A. van . . . Continue reading →

Of Calvin and Genevan Dogs

With no reference to our gracious Genevese hosts for the last 8 days I thought it would be fun to bring my experience of the 2009 Calvinpalooza to a close with a few more mundane observations. You know, of course, that Calvin . . . Continue reading →

A Cultural Warrior’s Meditation for Reformation Day

A recent correspondent pointed me to a bulletin insert offered by the PCA Christian Education and Publications Committee. The theme of the insert is the “Reformation, Calvin, and Government.” There are two questions here. The first is historical, the second is pastoral . . . Continue reading →

Now in the Bookstore: Tributes to John Calvin

The latest volume in the Calvin500 series is the publication of the conference papers delivered last summer in Geneva as part of the year-long celebration (Calvinpalooza) of John Calvin’s 500th birthday. This is a wide-ranging collection of essays by a diverse, international . . . Continue reading →