Calvin as Theologian of Consolation (Pt 5)

Part 4: Consolation And Pastoral Ministry IV. Consolation Preached In part one of this series we considered Calvin’s interpretation of several biblical passages on consolation. In part two we looked at how he harvested a theology of consolation from his exegetical work. . . . Continue reading →

A New Edition Of Two Important Treatises By Calvin (With A Video Series By Bob Godfrey)

To say that John Calvin (1536–64) was a prolific and important author is to say the obvious. What is remarkable, however, is how much of what he wrote remains not only useful for the church but even vitally important. Two of his . . . Continue reading →

A New Calvin Title In English: God Or Baal—Two Letters On The Reformation Of Worship And Pastoral Service

The French “Nicodemites” have long been an interest on the HB. I first wrote about them here in 2009, from which I borrow here to give some background by which to understand the value of a first-ever English translation of two early . . . Continue reading →

Updated Calvin Resource Page

John Calvin (1509-64) was one of the most significant figures in the history of the West. He was among the major Protestant Reformers in the sixteenth century. He contributed significantly to the Reformed wing of the Reformation. He was an industrious Bible . . . Continue reading →