If Only Someone Would Translate These…

The Heidelblog is devoted to recovering the Reformed confession. In this context the word confession has two senses. In the first sense it refers to the official, ecclesiastical, public, constitutional documents to which ministers and elders subscribe and to which members of . . . Continue reading →

New In Print: Cocceius On The Doctrine Of The Covenant And Testament of God

In the history of Reformed theology, few volumes have been as important as Johannes Cocceius’ Doctrine of The Covenant and Testament of God (3rd edition, 1660). It appears in English for the first time as volume 3 in the Classic Reformed Theology . . . Continue reading →

A New Edition Of Two Important Treatises By Calvin (With A Video Series By Bob Godfrey)

To say that John Calvin (1536–64) was a prolific and important author is to say the obvious. What is remarkable, however, is how much of what he wrote remains not only useful for the church but even vitally important. Two of his . . . Continue reading →