Logos 7 Basic Is Free

I am a Logos software user. I still use my older software for some things but for research Logos has become very valuable to me. The wealth of resources now included with Logos, the power of the search functions and the flexibility . . . Continue reading →

With The Regular Reformed Guys On The Federal Vision

It was a good to spend an hour with the Regular Reformed Guys talking about the Federal Vision theology. We spend a little time talking Nebraska football, so that’s always good. We even wandered into the revival of the “King James Only” . . . Continue reading →

With Theocast On Spiritual Disciplines

It is widely held among evangelicals (of various stripes) that the private reading of Scripture and prayer (“the quiet time” or devotions), Bible memorization, and meditation is the very essence of Christian spirituality and piety. The emphasis is on activity (one prominent . . . Continue reading →

Now Available: New Dictionary Of Theology—Historical And Systematic (2nd Edition)

The New Dictionary of Theology—Historical and Systematic, 2nd edition, ed. Martin Davie et al is just out from InterVarsity Press. The first edition of this reference work was originally published in 1988 and was edited by Sinclair Ferguson and David Wright. It . . . Continue reading →