New: Nicotine Theological Journal vol 12.2

The latest NTJ is out. This issue focuses on the controversy over the doctrine of Scripture at WTS/P. The NTJ is sponsored by the Old Life Theological Society and published quarterly (sort of) and edited by that redoubtable duo of Orthodox Presbyterians, . . . Continue reading →

New Nicotine Theological Journal 12.3 (Summer 2008)

 John Muether writes the lead essay, “GA Roundup: Mute Courts” surveying some the major actions of the OP and PCA summer assemblies. If you’ve ever had to listen to a fraternal delegate abuse his privilege, you shouldn’t miss this one. Darryl Hart . . . Continue reading →

Better Late Than Never: NTJ 13.3 is Available

It doesn’t look like much but the NTJ packs a verbal punch. Published by the Old Life Theological Society and edited by the redoubtable D. G. Hart and John Muether the Nicotine Theological Journal is “dedicated to recovering the connection between Reformed faith . . . Continue reading →

When Bellicosity is No Virtue and Other Beauties

It depends, of course, upon who is being or deemed “bellicose” doesn’t it? John Muether has a helpful meditation on this question in the latest issue of the Nicotine Theological Journal (“thus think, and smoke tobacco”—Ralph Erskine (1685-1752; in “Smoking Spiritualized“). The . . . Continue reading →

NTJ 14.2 (Spring 2010) Out Now: On the PCA's Strategic Plan

The latest issue of the Nicotine Theological Journal is out and it features essays by some of the PCA’s young guns.  Jason Stellman, Wes White, Lane Keister, and Martin Hedman are thinking through the PCA’s Strategic Plan and what it means for . . . Continue reading →

When Community Isn’t

The contemporary use of the word “community” has troubled me for some time. I couldn’t put my finger on it until today. It came to me during a drive across the vast wasteland that is Nevada. Folk routinely speak about the “online” . . . Continue reading →

The NTJ Is Back!

One of my favorite reads, the NTJ, is back in black (and white). As the Old Lifers explain, it’s in print for now but will be migrating to an online PDF. They’ve put the latest edition, Winter 2012, online as a PDF . . . Continue reading →

Presbyterians and Quakers Together

I see that Tony Jones has posted something critical of small/cell groups (I don’t know where and I can’t find it now. You’re welcome to post a link in the comments). Perhaps now that a leader in the Emergent Village has suggested . . . Continue reading →

It Is Back! The Nicotine Theological Journal Returns

One of my favorite reads, the Nicotine Theological Journal, is coming back. Produced by D. G. Hart and John Muether, the NTJ first appeared in 1997 and ended its first run in 2012. In a recent interview with Brad Isbell and Wresbyterian . . . Continue reading →