New Nicotine Theological Journal 12.3 (Summer 2008)

 John Muether writes the lead essay, “GA Roundup: Mute Courts” surveying some the major actions of the OP and PCA summer assemblies. If you’ve ever had to listen to a fraternal delegate abuse his privilege, you shouldn’t miss this one. Darryl Hart analyzes the aftermath of the Enns case at WTS/P. Henry M. Lewis examines Barack Obama’s home congregation. The Orange County Diarist saddled up for a recent visit to a SoCal mega-church. There’s more. The NTJ is published quarterly (more or less) by the Old Life Theological Society, an “association dedicated to recovering confessional Presbyterianism.” The NTJ is co-edited by everyone’s favorite confessional Presbyterians, John Muether and D. G. Hart. Individual subscriptions are $10.00 annually (USA). Send orders to 1167 Kerwood Circle, Oviedo, FL 32765.

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