More From Hart on the Enns Controversy and the Auburn Affirmation

From a comment at the GB discussion: …The trouble is whether people will read, let alone try to understand, their answers. Believe it or not, Calvin and Old Princeton were pretty careful not to equate inerrancy with a scientific understanding of the . . . Continue reading →

New: Nicotine Theological Journal vol 12.2

The latest NTJ is out. This issue focuses on the controversy over the doctrine of Scripture at WTS/P. The NTJ is sponsored by the Old Life Theological Society and published quarterly (sort of) and edited by that redoubtable duo of Orthodox Presbyterians, . . . Continue reading →

New Nicotine Theological Journal 12.3 (Summer 2008)

 John Muether writes the lead essay, “GA Roundup: Mute Courts” surveying some the major actions of the OP and PCA summer assemblies. If you’ve ever had to listen to a fraternal delegate abuse his privilege, you shouldn’t miss this one. Darryl Hart . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Darryl Hart on "Deconstructing Evangelicalism"

 The fellows at CTC provide an excellent interview with WSC’s own Darryl Hart on the nature and deconstruction of contemporary evangelicalism and the differences between evangelicalism and Reformed theology, piety, and practice. Is it possible that evangelical-ism doesn’t really exist? It’s a . . . Continue reading →

David Strain Interviews Darryl Hart

David is a Glaswegian in exile. He writes at Letters from Mississippi. Part 1 covers Old Side Presbyterianism (if you don’t know what that means, you should read this interview) and evangelism. It’s a nice follow-on to the Dever interview. There’s audio . . . Continue reading →

Better Late Than Never: NTJ 13.3 is Available

It doesn’t look like much but the NTJ packs a verbal punch. Published by the Old Life Theological Society and edited by the redoubtable D. G. Hart and John Muether the Nicotine Theological Journal is “dedicated to recovering the connection between Reformed faith . . . Continue reading →

D. G. Hart and Parker Williamson to Speak in Omaha April 21-22

Our own Darryl Hart is a plenary speaker at a conference connected with the Presbyterian Layman to be held in Omaha April 21-22. Info is here. More info from the Layman. The confessional Reformed community in the lower midwest is not mighty . . . Continue reading →