New: Nicotine Theological Journal vol 12.2

The latest NTJ is out. This issue focuses on the controversy over the doctrine of Scripture at WTS/P.

The NTJ is sponsored by the Old Life Theological Society and published quarterly (sort of) and edited by that redoubtable duo of Orthodox Presbyterians, John Muether and Darryl Hart. Subscriptions are $10.00 annually ($12 Canadian) and more for institutions. You can order it by post to 1167 Kerwood Circle, Oviedo, FL 32765.

I don’t know if it helps or hurts (if it hurts, just ignore this) but the NTJ is one of my favorite publications. As the top-40 stations used to say, “When I’m in town, I always listen to (fill in the blank).” Imagine having to live in a town (or at least a region) to listen to a radio station. How quaint. I digress. The NTJ represents the spirit of the Old Side, the Old School, and Machen. If you’re one of Machen’s Warrior Children, then the NTJ is for you.

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  1. I have one of my own. Martin Downes was kind enough to send me one when they came out. I love it. Sort of a cross between Elmer Fudd singing “Kill the wabbit” and Machen.

  2. I just gobbled up my latest NTJ about 43 minutes ago. To keep the imagery going, between Enns and Keller, who’s Wyle E. and who’s Elmer?

    …call me a buzz-kill (I’m used to it), but something tells me Machen would take a pass on tee shirts and mugs. He had Bugs-like instincts that were unparalleled.

  3. Yes, I will be finished with CJPM today. It’s an invigorating read. This is just what I needed/wanted. Your chapter on the Law/Gospel was excellent. I’ve been recommending this book to all my friends. I intended to spend this past Thursday studying for an upcoming midterm but ended up reading CJPM for half the time (several hours!) because I couldn’t put it down.

    Anyway, I’m looking to pick up your book on Caspar Olevianus! Thanks!

  4. Dr Clark

    Is it possible to get NTJ on the other side of the Atlantic in good old England? If so, is there any way of finding out the international subscription rate other than writing by post?


  5. Hi Donald,

    Love your blog.

    I’m sure there’s a way to work out postage etc. The thing to do is to write John Muether. I’ll send you his email privately.

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