Godfrey: A Brief History of the Reformation and More

Bob Godfrey visited Christ Reformed Church in Washington DC recently and here is the audio. He also preached that Sunday on Ps 50, “The Sovereign’s summons.” Brian Lee summarizes the sermon: “There’s no trouble like trouble with the Lord, and in Psalm 50 . . . Continue reading →

Audio: Calvin, Geneva, and Psalmody

An interesting joint talk/lecture by Karin Maag and Paul Fields at the Meeter Center (Calvin Theological Seminary and Calvin College) on Calvin, the Psalms, and the Reformation of worship in Geneva.

Audio: Darryl Hart on "Deconstructing Evangelicalism"

 The fellows at CTC provide an excellent interview with WSC’s own Darryl Hart on the nature and deconstruction of contemporary evangelicalism and the differences between evangelicalism and Reformed theology, piety, and practice. Is it possible that evangelical-ism doesn’t really exist? It’s a . . . Continue reading →

Vicar Bans "O Little Town" But for the Wrong Reason

A vicar (certain Anglican ministers are given the title) in the UK has banned the Christmas carol, “O Little Town of Bethlehem” because it doesn’t represent the current strife in modern day Bethlehem. This, of course, is the most stupid sort of . . . Continue reading →

It Makes Him Uncomfortable But In a Good Way

Nick has read chapter 7 of RRC on worship. His survey of the chapter made me laugh out loud—I had to think for a while about “spit the dummy”—and I wrote the chapter! Of course, the author hopes you’ll read the chapter . . . Continue reading →

Two-Way Traffic on the Presbyterian Mainline

One of the major reasons I wrote Recovering the Reformed Confession was to call attention to a weird sort of two-way traffic. Some in the Reformed Churches in North America and apparently in Scotland seem ready to abandon the very thing that . . . Continue reading →