What Can We Know And How?

During the Watergate hearings, Senator Howard Baker asked, “What did the President know, and when did he know it?” However important that question was in the politics of 1973, it remains an important question in theology today. A friend writes to ask . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast For Dec, 17 2023: Q&A Special

In this episode the Heidelcast looks back to some highlights from some of our many Q&A segments in which Dr Clark answers questions about difference between the Lutheran and Reformed understanding of the Law/Gospel distinction; about whether the Holy Spirit is the . . . Continue reading →

Fed By Christ Or The Person Next To Me?

One of the recurring questions I get is about the meaning of body in 1 Corinthians 11:28. The question is whether “discerning the body” in Paul’s narrative refers to “being cognizant of the congregation” or to discerning Christ’s physical, actual body and blood, . . . Continue reading →

Should the State Imitate the Church?

One of our readers named K wrote me to ask, “If God’s Word forbids women from teaching and exercising authority, why shouldn’t the state follow the same principle?” This is a good and interesting question. It is made even more complicated by . . . Continue reading →

God, Philosophers, and Evil

A reader named David wrote me to ask about how to answer a friend who is “struggling with Calvinism,” because “he has not heard an explanation of the fall (and ultimately reprobation) that goes beyond the idea of a ‘blessed fall.’ In . . . Continue reading →

“Did God Leave Me When I Enrolled In Seminary?”

A former student of mine many years ago at Westminster Seminary California once mentioned that he was feeling concerned about his devotional life since beginning seminary—a thought many first-semester seminary students have. He said that before attending seminary, he had an active . . . Continue reading →

Should Lay People Administer The Sacraments?

A correspondent wrote to ask whether Christian laity should administer the sacraments? This is an ancient question, though typically we face it in a different form. In the Reformation, Calvin dealt with this question because midwives would administer baptism to infants in . . . Continue reading →