2008 MA (Historical Theology) Defenses

Commencement week excitement continues. Justin Ryals and Travis Baker defended their MA theses last night in the chapel of Westminster Seminary California. Justin won the coin toss and elected to defend his thesis first. He argued that “C. S. Lewis’ …definition of . . . Continue reading →

Calvin On The Image Of God In Man

In this way only we attain to what is not to say difficult but altogether against nature, to love those that hate us, render good for evil, and blessing for cursing, remembering that we are not to reflect on the wickedness of . . . Continue reading →

Why Christians Need A Christian Doctrine Of Humanity

One neglected aspect of the story of Modernity has been the loss of a Christian anthropology. Along with its exile of God, Modernity has also been busily re-defining humanity with unhappy consequences. Through two world wars, abortion, genocides, “eugenics,” Communist purges, etc. . . . Continue reading →

Bavinck: The Image Is Not In Man But Is Man

Now this splendid view of the image of God and of original righteousness has come more clearly into its own in the Reformed church and Reformed theology than in the Lutheran. In Lutheran theology the image of God is restricted to original . . . Continue reading →

Rosaria Butterfield’s Alternative To Revoice

RESOURCES Audio Only of This Talk (Presbycast) Gay Christians? Rosaria Butterfield: Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert What The New Testament Says About SSA and More Gagnon On Revoice

Office Hours With Craig Troxel On With All Your Heart

Office Hours Video

The word “heart” is a truly important word in the English language. In the introduction to his new book, With All Your Heart: Orienting Your Mind, Desires, and Will Toward Christ, Westminster Seminary California’s Craig Troxel observes that one can have a . . . Continue reading →

New Resource Page: On Abortion

The sixth commandment of God’s holy moral law says, “You shall not murder.” Christians have always understood this to prohibit abortion, i.e., the unjust taking of a human life in utero. The Didache (c. AD 114), an early Christian document testifying to . . . Continue reading →

Pruitt: PCA GA Overtures 23 And 37 Address Serious Errors

The incursion of Revoice theology into the PCA has caused great division and confusion in our churches. We have been told to accept as an “orientation” what God’s Word calls “contrary to nature” and “dishonorable passions” (Romans 1:26-27). Some of our own . . . Continue reading →

Some Reformed Churches Rejected American Slavery From The Beginning

The question before the Civil War, and even today for Americans as we consider our past and deal with contemporary racial issues is, “What does the Bible teach about American slavery?” Long before the Civil War, Reformed Presbyterians answered that both the custom of Christendom and the Bible condemned American Negro slavery as fundamentally wrong and immoral. It was based on manstealing, a sin against the eighth commandment and a capital crime under Mosaic Law. It rested on a racial line of separation that denied the Bible’s teaching that God made all men of “one blood.” Continue reading →