All Nature, As it Is Nature, Is Good Because God Created It

Christians Are Not Gnostics

Creation is a work of God, by which he has brought forth all creatures of nothing (Gen 1.2) A creature is whatsoever has been made by God of nothing.
Now all the creatures of God were created very good. Therefore all nature, as it is nature, is good because it is the work of God. Of these creatures some are created according to the image of God; some are not.
The image of God is that dignity and excellency in which the reasonable creatures, begin created like unto God, do excel other creatures. Of this image of God there are two parts: perfect reason and perfect blessedness. Perfect reason is is a part of God’s image, by which the reasonable creature does more expressly carry the image of God his creator, while by a certain divine force it knows plainly things without error, as they are, and does will and choose no other tuning that that which does please God. And that perfect reason consists both in the mind and in the will.

Amandus Polanus, Partitiones theologiae translated as The Substance of the Christian Religion (London, 1595). Spelling modernized.


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