A Review of the Story of Christian Theology By Roger Olson

A REVIEW OF THE STORY OF CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY: TWENTY CENTURIES OF TRADITION AND REFORM, by Roger E. Olson. Intervarsity Press, 1999. 652 pp. $34.99. This review appeared originally in Modern Reformation, July/August 2001 Historical theology is an important part of the process . . . Continue reading →

Review: The Story of Christian Theology: By Roger E. Olson

Intervarsity Press, 1999. 652 pp. $34.99

Historical theology is an important part of the process of deciding who we are, what we believe and consequently how we will behave. For confessional Protestants, the past is not absolutely definitive, since all theologies besides God’s revealed word err, but its . . . Continue reading →

2008 MA (Historical Theology) Defenses

Commencement week excitement continues. Justin Ryals and Travis Baker defended their MA theses last night in the chapel of Westminster Seminary California. Justin won the coin toss and elected to defend his thesis first. He argued that “C. S. Lewis’ …definition of . . . Continue reading →

If You Want to Know About John Owen

Carl Trueman is your man. I know it’s unusual to see me flogging someone else’s book. That’s   why you should pay attention when I do so. This is a really good book. Why? Because Carl is an   excellent scholar who . . . Continue reading →

Classic Reformed Theology Volume One: William Ames, Sketch of the Christian's Catechism

The editorial board is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication the first volume of a new series of primary texts in Reformed theology, Classic Reformed Theology. Volume 1 is a translation of William Ames, A Sketch of the Christian’s Catechism. This volume . . . Continue reading →

When Was Zwingli an Anabaptist? Updated

Robert G. Torbet, A History of the Baptists (Philadelphia: The Judson Press, 1950), 35 contains this striking subordinate clause, “…when Zwingli became reluctant to continue his Anabaptist teaching…” I’ve read this claim before and I’ve heard it repeated. I’ve never seen any . . . Continue reading →

Congratulations to WSC Grad Rich Bishop, PhD

70% of Westminster Seminary California students (numerically 95 of our 135 enrolled students) are in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) program and preparing to enter the pastoral ministry. The remaining 30% are in one of three MA programs. One of those MA . . . Continue reading →

Office Hours Talks with Joel Kim About Growing Up in Two Worlds

Office Hours talks with Assistant Professor of New Testament Joel Kim about his life in Korea, growing up in two cultures, his work as a pastor, his research into the history of interpretation of Romans 7, and more. Listen to Office Hours . . . Continue reading →

Update on WSC Alumnus Patrick O'Banion

Patrick O’Banion is one of the several outstanding graduates of the MA (Historical Theology) program, Westminster Seminary California. At my request he checked in and provided this update: Teaching: I was recently hired as an assistant professor at Lindenwood University in St . . . Continue reading →