2008 MA (Historical Theology) Thesis Defenses

You are heartily invited to to join the faculty, friends of Westminster Seminary California, and others to hear two candidates for the degree Master of Arts (Historical Theology) will defend their theses.

Travis Baker will be defending his thesis:

“Gratian and the Church Fathers:
A Comparative Study of Gratian’s Use of Patristic Sources in the
First and Second Recensions of the Decretum

Justin Ryals will be defending his thesis:

“The Beginning and the End: C. S. Lewis’ Vision of Man in Relation to God”

The defenses will begin at 7:00PM, on Tuesday 27 May, 2008 in the chapel of Westminster Seminary California.

Each candidate will be allowed 30 minutes to present and defend his thesis. There will be a brief time for questions following the defense. There will be a brief intermission after each defense to allow attending faculty to consider the defense. There will be light refreshments following the second defense.

Westminster Seminary California
1725 Bear Valley Parkway
Escondido, California, 92027
888 480 8474

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