Update on WSC Alumnus Patrick O'Banion

Patrick O’Banion is one of the several outstanding graduates of the MA (Historical Theology) program, Westminster Seminary California. At my request he checked in and provided this update: Teaching: I was recently hired as an assistant professor at Lindenwood University in St . . . Continue reading →

Where Was Our Church Before Luther And Zwingli? (4)

VIII. Fifth, the injustice of the demand appears also clearly in this—that they treacherously corrupt the writings of the fathers and endeavor to destroy whatever of candor remains and extinguish all memory of antiquity as far as they are able (most base . . . Continue reading →

What’s Wrong With Reformation Day? (UPDATED)

Each year on this date confessing Protestants remember Martin Luther’s protest against the abuse of indulgences. He followed the academic custom of the day by compiling a list of theses, short statements or claims. Sometimes one would follow from the other but . . . Continue reading →

Where Were The Church And The Truth Between The Fathers And The Reformation?

Johnny Carson was a kid from Nebraska, who hosted The Tonight Show from 1962–92. One of his more famous recurring gags was Carnac the Magnificent, ostensibly a magician—Carson had a magic act as a high school and college student—who was able to . . . Continue reading →