With The Daily Brew On Church History And Confessions

It was good to sit down this week with Adam and Jeremy on The Daily Brew discuss the importance of church history and confessions. We talked about ways to get started studying church history, some of my favorite biographies, the value of holding and using confessions, and how to introduce them to and use them in a congregation.

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  1. I have a random question about church history and church vestments. When I see the so called “ancient” churches like EO, RCC and Anglicans they all wear bizarre and oftentimes laughable outfits or clown suits as I sometimes refer to them.

    They claim they are to detract from the person and exalt the office. To me they do the exact opposite. The higher the office, i.e., Bishop, Archbishop etc they seem to be even more elaborate and gaudy. There even seems to be manifold rules and regulations on who can wear what and items of clothing and accoutrements must be worn for communion only, etc. I heard defenders say Jesus never rebuked the religious leaders for their outfits and the OC priesthood God prescribed things for beauty and glory but it all seems like it brings attention to the man as a pompous glory grabber rather than a humble servant. But then why isn’t that the case with Aaron and the OC prescriptions since they were for glory and beauty and magnified the solemnity and grandeur of the worship of God?

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