A Child's History of the Church (Links Corrected)

A colleague once said that when he begins studying a topic from scratch he begins with children’s books because there authors have to be very clear about what they are saying. When ministers speak directly to the children in the congregation the adults always perk up.

On that principle this child’s ABC book, by Stephen Nichols and Ned Bustard, which uses figures from church history to illustrate the alphabet, will certainly be useful to children but it may also be useful to grown ups.

It’s available through The Bookstore at WSC (in hardcover) for only $12.82.

This will be a valued resource for Christian ed departments, for church libraries, schools, and home scholars.

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  1. I was just talking to my boys about that this week. . . how the kids’ section of the library is the best place to go when you’re curious and want to learn something completely new. The books highlight the main points, give only interesting details, and provide direction for further research.

  2. When ministers speak directly to the children in the congregation the adults always perk up.

    That is so true! I still remember from 4 years ago an excellent sermon from Stephen Baugh on Eph 6:1-4, where he very effectively addressed the children. Audio can still be downloaded frommy church’s website (search for Baugh from 2006)

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