Bob Godfrey Lectures on the Ancient Church

W. Robert Godfrey has taught church history at the seminary level since 1974. As I like to point out, I was in Jr High (which was Middle School used to be called) when Bob started teaching. Antiquity, however, is useful in teaching church history, even if, for the teacher, it might have been current events. Okay, I’ll stop. If you haven’t heard Bob teach then you’ve missed something. He’s a brilliant lecturer. This is an engaging series of lectures on the first five centuries of the Christian church after the close of the apostolic age. People often ask me for resources on ancient (Patristic) church history. This is an excellent resource.

If you want to know more about Bob’s journey to the Reformed faith his autobiography is edifying. If that’s not enough, a couple of years ago several of us published a collection of essays on topics near and dear to Bob’s heart in celebration of his 65th birthday. To whet your appetite here are three interviews with various contributors beginning with the redoubtable D. G. Hart on the “Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of Machen’s Warrior Children.” In the next episode Joel Kim, my co-editor, and I discuss  the book and the struggle to keep it a secret so we could surprise Bob. Finally, Hywel Jones visited the studio to talk about the necessity of preaching the doctrine of regeneration. If you follow the link to the book you’ll see that it is now available as an e-book. Kim Riddlebarger’s chapter on the supper is available as a free download. It also features chapters by Richard Muller, Sinclair Ferguson, R. C. Sproul, Mike Horton, John Muether, Joel Kim. myself and others.

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