Review: The Trial of the 16th Century: Calvin and Servetus By Jonathan Moorhead

Jonathan Moorhead (PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) has taught at The Master’s Academy International in Russia and the Czech Republic. He specializes in church history, theology, and apologetics. Drawing from his expertise, his recent monograph on the trial of Michael Servetus and Calvin’s . . . Continue reading →

After Calvin: Recommended Reading

There is a popular view of church history that tells a story in which there was a pure, believing church during the apostolic age and then, for all intents and purposes, there was not a church (except for the Waldensians who alone . . . Continue reading →

Calvin’s Prayer After The Sermon

Almighty God and heavenly Father, You have promised to hear and answer our requests which we make to you in the name of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. We are further taught by Him and His apostles to gather together . . . Continue reading →

Calvin Versus The Anarchist Anabaptists

Today, also, those crackpots, the Anabaptists, who cause so much trouble in the world, who denounce governments, magistrates, the unity of the church, never tire of repeating this phrase, “Blessed are those who suffer persecution.” Yes, but do they suffer on account . . . Continue reading →

Review: The Binding of God: Calvin’s Role in the Development of Covenant Theology by Peter A. Lillback

Whether Calvin was a covenant theologian has been a matter of considerable confusion and controversy in modern Calvin studies. The answer to this question has usually been determined by whether one considers the rise of covenant theology a positive or negative development, . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (14)

The same multiplication of relics has prevailed in the case of Anthony. By pretending that he is passionate and mischievous, and inflames those who may have given him offence, they have made him an object of dread; from this dread has arisen . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (13)

I had almost determined to be silent concerning the Innocents, as they call them; for although I could muster something like an army of them, it might always be alleged that there is nothing in this contradictory to history, because their exact . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (12)

The other things must be briefly dispatched; for otherwise we should never be able to get out of this forest. We shall merely mention a few of the alleged relics of saints who lived in the days of our Saviour, and then . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (11)

Now let the Apostles come forward in order. Their number, however, may beget confusion; and, therefore, the better course will be to take Paul and Peter by themselves, and afterwards proceed to the rest. Their bodies are at Rome, half at St . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (10)

To proceed in order, we must now consider the case of John the Baptist, who, according to the account given in the Gospel, that is, according to the truth of God, after being beheaded, was buried by his disciples. Theodoret relates that . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (9)

With regard to the Virgin Mary, as they give out that her body is not on the earth, they are of course prevented from pretending to have her bones; were it otherwise, I can well believe they would have given her a . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (8)

For to convince all men how little credit is due to the proofs which they adduce in support of their relics, it is to be observed, that the chief and most authentic of those which are seen at Rome are said to . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (7)

In regard to the linen clothes in which our Saviour’s body was wrapped, I would, in like manner, ask how it comes, that while the Evangelists carefully enumerate the miracles which took place at the death of Christ, and omit nothing which . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (6)

The next thing in order is the soldier’s spear. This ought to be one only, but perhaps, from having felt the fire of some alchymist, it has increased and multiplied. For four have come to light, besides those which exist in different . . . Continue reading →

Calvin: Time For An Inventory (5)

We come now to the principal relics of our Lord, viz., those connected with his sufferings and death. And, first, let us consider the case of the cross on which he was suspended. I know it is regarded as a certain fact, . . . Continue reading →