Review: The Story of Christian Theology: By Roger E. Olson

Intervarsity Press, 1999. 652 pp. $34.99

Historical theology is an important part of the process of deciding who we are, what we believe and consequently how we will behave. For confessional Protestants, the past is not absolutely definitive, since all theologies besides God’s revealed word err, but its . . . Continue reading →

How Would Jesus Vote (And is that an appropriate question)?

That’s the provocative question asked in a new special issue of Modern Reformation magazine. It’s so new and special that it isn’t on the website yet, but you may call them (800 890 7556) or contact them online for more info. This . . . Continue reading →

Modern Reformation: Sola Scriptura Contra Rome and Enthusiasm

The latest issue of Modern Reformation is out. The focus is on sola Scriptura. They’re always good but it’s an excellent issue. This issue contains essays on the original Protestant understanding of sola Scriptura as distinct from the Anabaptist (and modern evangelical understanding) . . . Continue reading →

Get Justified!

Our friends at Modern Reformation have had a baby, as it were: Justified: Modern Reformation Essays on Justification. This is a collection of outstanding essays on the doctrine of justification by Mike Horton, R. C. Sproul, Simon Gathercole, David VanDrunen, John Fesko, . . . Continue reading →