Reformed Church Planting Before And After Christendom

In April 2010, Sebastian Heck conducted the first worship service of a new Reformed congregation in the city of Heidelberg. A German native, the pastor trained for the ministry at a non-denominational seminary in Germany before pursuing doctoral studies in the United . . . Continue reading →

Heidelcast 30: Taking the Reformation Back To Germany


The Reformation is closely identified with what we think of as Germany. The Lutheran Reformation certain originated there and the Reformed Reformation had strong roots there too. Heidelberg was one of the great centers of Reformation theology in the late 16th century. . . . Continue reading →

Audio and Video from the Heidelberg Conference on Reformed Theology

“The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town!” (with apologies to Thin Lizzy) Confessional Reformed theology is back in one of its cradles and they’ve held a conference to celebrate its return. Click on the banner for the . . . Continue reading →

A New, Confessional, German Reformed Church is Born!

Sebastian Heck writes, We were able, in God’s providence, to hold the first stated worship service in Heidelberg, Germany – the first Reformed presence and worship service there in roughly 150 years! About 45 people showed for worship at 9 am. For . . . Continue reading →

Heidelberg 2010 Info Online

Reformation2Germany is attempting to bring confessional Reformed Christianity back to one of its original seedbeds (lit. seminaries), Heidelberg. To that end they’re holding a series of conferences beginning in 2010. Speakers include Carl Trueman and Derek Thomas. Info here.