Hyper-Calvinism, Rationalism, and Anti-Predestinarians

By definition, hyper-Calvinism is that doctrine which goes beyond (hyper) Calvin. Often, however, it is used incorrectly by critics of predestination to describe anyone who believes in reprobation. If teaching reprobation makes one hyper-Calvinist, then Calvin would be one himself, and that . . . Continue reading →

Hyper-Calvinism, Rationalism, and Anti-Predestinarians

By etymology, “hyper-Calvinism” is that doctrine which goes “beyond” (hyper) Calvin. Often, however, it is used incorrectly by critics of predestination to describe anyone who believes in reprobation. If teaching reprobation makes one “hyper-Calvinist” then Calvin would be “hyper-Calvinist” and that’s just . . . Continue reading →

Must We “Translate” the Gospel?

David Fitch says and assumes, “yes,” but I doubt it. The “missional” movements are not really fundamentally different from the middle-class, pedestrian “church growth” movements of 25 years ago. They all seem to assume that accommodation is something that we do as . . . Continue reading →

One Reason Why Unbelievers Don’t Want to Talk to Us

Mark Vander Pol recently pointed us to a wiki page titled, “How to Avoid Uncomfortable Conversations About Religion.” This page is useful on a variety of levels. On the most common level, some people are pests and it offers some good advice for dealing . . . Continue reading →

Strategic, Authentic, and Confessional

Introduction: What Do You Want? I spent an encouraging evening with a enthusiastic group of young people at pastor’s house recently. Over dinner we discussed the challenges of planting Reformed Churches. We agreed that whatever we do we need to be strategic, we . . . Continue reading →

Reformed Congregation Planted in Sidney, Neb

Sidney, Nebraska is not far from the eastern border of Colorado, the home of Cabellas, big agribusiness, and it’s in a part of the country that usually gets more attention from thunderstorms than from church planters—until now. Thanks to the Aquila Report we . . . Continue reading →

The German Reformation Needs Your Help

Sebastian Heck is working toward planting an authentic, confessional Reformed congregation in Heidelberg but he needs your help. It’s coming down to “crunch time” as they say. I’m sure that there are readers of the HB who either can help directly or . . . Continue reading →

More Church (re) Planting in the Midwest

There are segments in the USA (Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, Greenville, SC) where there is a relative abundance of confessional Reformed congregations. There are places, however, large swaths of the country where it’s difficult, if not impossible, to find a confessional Reformed congregation. . . . Continue reading →

WSC Grad Ministers in Turkey

Fikret Böcek is a WSC graduate and he is planting a Reformed congregation in Izmir (Smyrna), Turkey. This is an amazing development and cause for continued prayer and praise. One of the seven letters to the churches (Rev 2:7-11) was directed to . . . Continue reading →

New URC Bible Study in Gig Harbor, Washington

WSC student (about to graduate) Mark Vander Pol writes: For those that live in the Tacoma/Gig Harbor, WA area. Are you interested in seeing a solid, Confessional Reformed church in your area? There is currently in the early planning stages a Bible . . . Continue reading →

What About North Dakota?

It’s understandable that people tend to focus on more populous places, but Wes gives us some encouraging news about church planting in the Northern Great Plains. He’s right. We should pray for them. The Great Plains is an area of the country (stretching south . . . Continue reading →