URCNA Mission to Italy

Mike Brown has the pics and story. The Rev Andrea Ferrari is now a minister in the URCNA and he’s planting a congregation in Milan.

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  1. Thank God for this. I have dear friends in Milan who were a part of the old Italian L’abri
    work who had nowhere to go to church but to a non-denominational “Bible Church”,
    read pre-mil, dispensational and they were neither of the latter, but it was either that
    or the Valdese, who have lost their moorings over the years. I wish Pr. Ferrari well in his endeavor. My family (on my mother’s side) is from the Varese area, just north of Milan.

  2. I was blessed reading about all of this. The otehr night I was reading a bit about the Italian reformer and martyr Aonio Paelore(?) and his work “The Benefit of Christ.” I praise the Lord for this modern day reformer. Thank you for the update.


  3. What happened to the Waldensian Church ? I know that at some points in their history they were quite reformed.

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